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I am a mother of three children living and working in Shrewsbury.  I discovered yoga as a stressed out solicitor, but really began to explore it in greater depth during and after my pregnancies.  I trained and qualified to teach core strength vinyasa yoga in 2018 and my approach is very much influenced by the in-depth anatomical education I received during this training.  However, I am tired!  My children don’t sleep and I often feel the burden of working motherhood.  So I take a softer, slower approach than you might expect to find in vinyasa classes, allowing plenty of opportunity to pause and rest.

I continue to work as a solicitor as a day job, although I am significantly less stressed out now.  I also facilitate women’s circles and have a particular interest in building supportive communities of mothers.  I am a qualified pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher and offer in person yoga classes for pregnant people and new mothers in Shrewsbury.

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I offer a yoga practice informed by the seasons to enable you to connect more deeply to yourself and the natural world around you.

The natural world is not linear.  Think of all the cycles around us.  Day and night.  Seasons.  Birth, life and death.  The waxing and waning of the moon.  The rising and falling of the tides.  Each cycle has a time of high energy and a time for rest, and a constant flow of so many permutations between the two.

Your body also has cycles.  You breath in and out.  You wake and sleep.  Your hormones fluctuate - daily, weekly, monthly, over the course of your life.  You have times when you could achieve anything.  Other periods when all you want to do is sleep.  A myriad of flowing energy changes in between the two.

Your yoga practice can connect you to these cycles.  It can adapt to provide rest when needed, and activity when your body calls for it.  It can help you to find balance, to nurture your body and soul, to appreciate more deeply the changes going on around you.  To stick two fingers up at the patriarchy and get on with living life as we were born to live it.

I’m only at the beginning of my journey into cyclical living.  I love to discuss the things I learn along the way, and allow these thoughts to inform the yoga practices I share.  Join me every Saturday morning for an ever changing practice exploring the seasons and cycles going on around us.

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Join me for an hour each week for a nourishing practice designed specifically for pregnant bodies, dedicated time to connect deeply with your body and your baby, a safe and confidential space to connect deeply with your body and your baby, a supportive community of other pregnant people, and plenty of time to rest.

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A faster paced core strength vinyasa class.  Connect deeply to your core and flow through a dynamic practice.  We will build an inner fire to burn through any obstacles in our paths.

Drawing on the high energy of mid summer, this practice is perfect for the waxing and full moon, and for days when you feel drawn to flow freely.

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A lighthearted and uplifting practice.  We move through gentle flowing sequences, using our breath to find space and freedom in mind and body.

This practice is perfect for inner spring, the waxing moon and any time you feel drawn to gentle movement.  

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An opportunity to rest, withdraw and restore.  We flow slowly and mindfully, with plenty of time to explore intuitive movement, and extra time spent in savasana and meditation.

This practice is perfect for the dark moon, and days when you feel drawn to rest and turn inward.

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A slow and low flow.  With no standing poses, we will ground down and connect deeply with the earth beneath us.

This practice is perfect for the waning moon, and any time when you feel in need of grounding.

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