A truly personalised approach

A one to one yoga session is all about building a personal practice that meets your specific needs.


A one to one session with me might be right for you if you want to:

  • Connect (or reconnect) deeply back to yourself;

  • Build a personal toolkit to manage and counter the effects of stress;

  • Unwind and find release in body and mind;

  • Work with seasonal and cyclical approaches to movement, breathwork and meditation;

  • Establish your own at home practice.

I work with a variety of different approaches to yoga, and draw on my training and experience in vinyasa and yin yoga, myofascial release and yoga for stress, burnout and fatigue, as well as the tools I have found useful in my own practice.

If you are considering one to one yoga please get in touch to arrange a time for a chat.




The first session is £45 for an hour.  This will involve meeting to discuss your needs and go through a practice together.  It can take place at your home, or in a hired space at a studio (at an additional cost), or if you prefer over Zoom.  This price includes a follow up with home practice suggestions either in writing or video (whichever you would prefer) to meet your needs.

Subsequent sessions are £45 per hour on an ad hoc basis, £40 per hour x 4 sessions booked in advance or £35 per hour x 6 sessions booked in advance.


This option is for mothers who are specifically looking to navigate the transition to and journey through motherhood.  

If you want a one off session to come up with a plan for movement and breathwork that you can do around your caring responsibilities, you are welcome to book a one to one session.  However, if you would like a series of sessions to support you in those first weeks and months of motherhood, the Mother Shift is for you.

Booked in 3 session blocks (an initial 90 minutes followed by two 60 minute sessions), the Mother Shift package is £100.  I can come to your home, will bring tea and cake and we can talk and move at your pace.  I understand that your child or children may well be there - the reality of yoga as a mother is that it needs to fit alongside everything else!  The price includes a follow up after each session with home practice suggestions either in writing or video (whichever you would prefer) to meet your needs.

If you would prefer to practice elsewhere I can book studio space, and the cost of this will be charged in addition to the price of the package.